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This is not meant to be your conventional golf website. Beyond The Contour exists to provide a unique perspective, constantly reevaluating the norm, and questioning the status quo. The golf world is stale, with groupthink perspectives, set-in-stone opinions, and old talking points. Our goal? To make you stop and consider, “I never thought about it like that.” At Beyond The Contour, we strive to bring you up-to-date news on golf in Canada and elsewhere, enhance the dialogue on golf and golf architecture in Canada, provide travel tips, explore equipment and instruction, and more. We want to be the breath of fresh air in an old industry; we hope you join us on the journey.

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Meet The Team

Our editorial team’s history in golf is varied and unique to each of them, setting up the ability to deliver different opinions, perspectives, and more. While the majority of us are based in Ontario, our travels do not stop at either side of the border; instead, we venture to the furthest points in Canada and beyond to find the places you want to play, meet the people who have something to say, and more. Meet our team below.

Andrew Harvie, Founder & CEO

Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Andrew has lived in 3 provinces and 3 states, letting him travel and see new areas as much as possible. Growing up, golf was always a hobby, but became a passion before high school, eventually leading to an opportunity to go to school in Texas. On the side, Andrew has written for companies such as P6R Golf & Toronto Golf Nuts. Currently, Andrew resides in Toronto, Ontario, making a case to travel around as much as possible. To date, Andrew has seen 400+ golf courses.

  • Best golf course you’ve played: Shinnecock Hills
  • Favourite golf course you’ve played: Jasper Park Lodge
  • Golf ball: Titleist ProV1X Left Dash
  • Handicap index: +1.3
  • Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Current Town: Toronto, Ontario
  • One golf course in 2023 you want to play in Canada & Internationally: Victoria (BC) and Royal Melbourne
  • Favourite city: San Francisco, California

In The Media


Email: AHarvie@beyondthecontour.com

Twitter: @drewharvie

Instagram: @drewharvie

Zachary Car, Editor

Born and raised near Ottawa, Ontario, Zachary played on University of Ottawa’s golf team while studying English. Like Andrew, Zachary competed in junior golf and continues to stay sharp in the Mid-Am circuit. Additionally, Zachary’s passion for golf architecture brings him to new and exciting golf courses across Canada and the United States.

  • Best golf course you’ve played: Old Town Club
  • Favourite golf course you’ve played: St. George’s, Canada
  • Golf ball: Titleist ProV1X
  • Handicap index: +2.0
  • Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Current Town: Ottawa, Ontario
  • One golf course in 2023 you want to play in Canada & Internationally: Capilano and National Golf Links of America
  • Favourite city: San Francisco, California
Ben Malach, Author

Born and raised in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Ben’s golfing journey began during his family’s annual 2-month road trips around the western half of North America. During these travels, Ben would play golf with his mom at many little hidden gems. This love for travel and golf lead him to take a gap year to the Links of St. Andrews, where he became a starter on the links, as well as a caddie. It was these expenses, along with his travels around the UK and Europe studying golf that led him to pursue a career in golf design and construction. His first chance to pursue this career was working on the construction team at Cabot Cape Breton’s Cliffs course (#1 in Beyond The Contour‘s Top 100). Currently, Ben’s work has him engaging in his own projects as well as the work of others shaping and building golf around North America.

  • Best golf course you’ve played: The Old Course
  • Favourite golf course you’ve played: Cabot Cape Breton (Links)
  • Golf ball: Srixon XV, or whatever I find
  • Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
  • Current Town: The Road, I travel over 150 days a year
  • One golf course in 2022 you want to play in Canada & Internationally: Rosetown Golf Club and ShoreAcres
  • Favourite city: Edinburgh, Scotland
Alex Hunter, Author


Instagram: @agolfhunter

Located in Ontario, Canada, Alex Hunter’s love for golf began at a young age playing golf with his family. This translated into a passion for almost everything in golf: whether that be attending professional events like the RBC Canadian Open, an interest in new equipment, or playing lots of golf. In recent years, the discovery of golf course architecture has led to a passion to travel and see as many golf courses as possible, which also led Alex to connect with as many new people as possible.

  • Best golf course you’ve played: Cabot Cliffs or Cabot Links
  • Favourite golf course you’ve played: Cape Breton Highlands Links
  • Golf ball: Srixon Z-Star
  • Handicap index: 6.3
  • Hometown: Ontario
  • One golf course in 2023 you want to play in Canada & Internationally: Jasper Park Lodge & Cape Arudenl
  • Favourite city: Saint Andrews by-the-sea, New Brunswick
Johnny Prescott, Author

Born and raised in Courtice, Ontario, Johnny Prescott is a graduate of the Georgian College Professional Golf Management Program (PGM) pursing a career in the golf industry. With a background involving many sports in his childhood, Johnny’s passion for the game of golf shifted to golf following a placement on his varsity golf team in high school. Among his specific interests in the industry, professional golf, equipment, and a newfound interest in golf architecture are among the things Johnny enjoys.

  • Best golf course you’ve played: St. George’s Golf & Country Club
  • Favourite golf course you’ve played: Country Club of Buffalo
  • Golf ball: Titleist ProV1X
  • Hometown: Courtice, Ontario
  • One golf course in 2023 you want to play in Canada and Internationally: Cape Breton Highlands Links and Tobacco Road Golf Club
  • Favourite city: Buffalo, New York

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