Andy Staples Secures Second Canadian Job at Weston

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News slipped through the cracks that Weston Golf & Country Club has hired American Andy Staples, perhaps best known for his ongoing work at Olympia Fields, the fantastic Sand Hollow in Utah, and Meadowbrook in Detroit. Staples secured the job in December following a visit in August 2021.

Located in the golf-rich neighbourhood of Etobicoke, Weston has always been held in high regard in Canadian golf circles. Originally designed by Willie Park Jr. in 1920 before he returned to Scotland, Park Jr. never saw the finished product. Instead, Harry Colt associate and acclaimed architect Charles Hugh “Captain” Alison completed the work, including bunkering.

For now, a master plan remains the only official action set on the books, though we hope Andy gets the chance to shine on a beautiful property. Weston currently ranks 35th in Canada on Beyond The Contour‘s Top 100 in the country, and with a potential restoration, it becomes easy to dream about the ceiling of a club dripping in architecture pedigree.

We suspect the original 2nd hole will not be in the restoration plans! Photo courtesy of Ian Andrew.

Andy Staples has quickly risen to be somewhat of a Willie Park Jr. restoration specialist, or at the very least, a go-to selection for clubs. The re-imagination of Meadowbrook in Detroit is now a praised overhaul, and Olympia Fields seems to be going well. With the upcoming restoration of Mount Bruno near Montréal (also at the hands of Andy Staples), we’re excited about the future of Willie Park Jr. in Canada.

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