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Canadian Golf Course Reviews

With over 2,300 golf courses to choose from, Canada has the fourth most golf courses in the world, only trailing the United States, Japan, and England. As a result, numerous landscapes, soils, architects’, and styles of golf are represented coast-to-coast: from Victoria, British Columbia, to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Each Beyond The Contour author is based in Canada, explaining the surplus in reviews compared to other countries. To learn more about the authors, click here.

Alberta Golf Course Reviews

Home of the Rocky Mountains and the expansive Canadian prairies, the diverse landscapes allowed a wide variety of architects to show off, including Willie Park Jr., Robert Trent Jones Sr., Stanley Thompson, and local Rod Whitman.

British Columbia Golf Course Reviews

Dense mountain ranges and beautiful forests allow British Columbia to be the resort capital of Canada. As a result, architects like Doug Carrick, Graham Cooke & Wayne Carleton, Jack Nicklaus, and A.V. Macan are popular in the most western province.

Nova Scotia Golf Course Reviews

Like Stanley Thompson’s “mountains and ocean” course at Cape Breton Highland Links, Nova Scotia is dominated by either beautiful coastline, or stunning Appalachian mountains, providing. awide variety of excellent options for golfers.

Ontario Golf Course Reviews

Canada’s largest populated province, and as a result the most golf, Ontario benefits from being home to various architects during their visit to Canada, including Harry Colt and Willie Park Jr., plus locals like Stanley Thompson and Thomas McBroom.

Quebec Golf Course Reviews

Benefitting from the St. Lawrence River being a major port for architect’s sailing over to North America, architect’s like Walter Travis and Albert Murray left their stamp, plus modern architects like Graham Cooke and Darrell Huxham call Quebec home.

Saskatchewan Golf Course Reviews

Nicknamed “land of the living skies” for good reason, Saskatchewan enjoys the open prairie land void of light pollution or major populated areas. As a result, the golf benefits from the vast landscapes: in the north, Waskesiu weaves through the boreal forest, while Cooke dances in the sandy terrain near Prince Albert.

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United States Golf Course Reviews

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