Dirty Diamond Initiative

Beyond The Contour‘s Dirty Diamond Initiative is all about shining light on courses that matter, yet continuously seem to fly under the radar. The concept is simple: where have we been that we feel does not get enough attention, or where have our panelists we used for the top 100 golf courses in Canada told us about? Those courses are represented on the map below.

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The criteria is minimal, yet important: it needs to be accessible to the public and not members-only, and it cannot be on the current Top 100 list from either our list (forthcoming), SCOREGolf, or Top 100 Golf Courses. These golf course are affordable, architecturally stimulating, and true diamonds in the rough for those who seek these golf courses out.

Stay tuned with us as we continue to add more and more golf courses to this list. This is a work-in-progress, ever-evolving, and hopefully, communial in our quest as golfers to find the hidden gems.

Feel like we are missing some of your favourite golf courses? Submit your choices for the Dirty Diamond Iniative below!