Editor’s Choice: The Best Articles From 2022

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In our inaugural year, Beyond The Contour has grown to a level that we feel excited about the future of the site. We brought news, opinion, controversy and reassurance in 2022. A new Top 100, a growing group of writers, and more content is flowing out of this website, especially as the year ended.

Closing out years in countdowns is a popular way to recap a year in both celebration and remembrance, and this is no different. This site would not be anything without the readers and writers, and as such, we wanted to celebrate the writers who brought you content, and celebrate the articles you, the reader, found most interesting.

Here are the Editor’s Choice: the best articles of the year. -Andrew Harvie, Founder

Opinion: The Art of Putting And Its Glorious Mysteries

Author: Johnny Prescott

In his debut for Beyond The Contour, Johnny Prescott dives into putting and its mysteries, including the various styles and why it is the hardest skill to master.

An Ode To The Old World

Author: Andrew Harvie

Author Andrew Harvie explores his love affair for golden age golf clubs, historic clubs, and places of relevance following a visit to the Nation’s Capital.

Canada’s Custodian: Toronto Golf Club Keeps The Spirit Of Golf Alive

Author: Andrew Harvie

Toronto Golf Club is often put up among the best in the country, but author Andrew Harvie explores why Toronto Golf Club continues to uphold the standard for golf in Canada roughly 150 years later.

Jasper Park Lodge And The Eden

Author: Luke Steeden

Author Luke Steeden explores Stanley Thompson’s Jasper Park Lodge, and in particular, the par 3, 12th, which he makes a case for being as authentic of an Eden as it gets, worldwide.

Cabot Cape Breton Sets Sights On Mabou Point

Author: Andrew Harvie

A first-look at Cabot Cape Breton’s Mabou Point, and an exclusive at Tom Doak’s plan for the resort’s third golf course.

Taking Stock of Rivermead’s Renovation with Jeff Mingay

Author: Zachary Car

Following a walk around Rivermead with architect Jeff Mingay in the midst of an upgrade, Zachary Car dives into the changes and expectations of the ‘other’ club in Gatineau, Quebec.

Keiser Headed To Colorado For 36 Hole ‘Rodeo Dunes’

Author: Andrew Harvie

First reported in February 2022 and further enhanced in December 2022, Andrew Harvie breaking the Keiser family’s Colorado property is included in this list, plus exclusive images of the site.

What Is Canada’s Lido, And Should It Come Back?

Author: Andrew Harvie

With the development of C.B. Macdonald’s Lido at Sand Valley in Wisconsin, Andrew Harvie ponders: does Canada have a golf course that should be resurrected?

Chasing Thompson: Chateau Montebello

Author: Zachary Car

Visiting the course of yesteryear with present day commentary, author Zachary Car ventures around Chateau Montebello, once considered Stanley Thompson’s sixth-best golf course.

A Cape Breton Exposition

Author: Andrew Harvie

Following a visit to Cape Breton for the first time, author Andrew Harvie recaps his trip, including a breakdown of Cape Breton Highlands Links, Cabot Links, Cabot Cliffs, and The Nest.

A Walk Around C.H. Alison’s York Downs With Lorne Rubenstein

Author: Andrew Harvie

Lorne Rubenstein is one of, if not the greatest living golf writer, and Andrew Harvie walked around the old York Downs, where Lorne caddied as a kid, to explore the remains of C.H. Alison’s golf course.

A Case For Revitalizing Canada’s Public Golf Courses At Lakeview

Author: Alex Hunter

In his Beyond The Contour introduction, Alex Hunter dives into Lakeview’s upgrades from Cam Tyers. As a result of the work, he discusses why Lakeview is a potential leading course in restoring other public golf courses across the country.

The Secret Sauce: Grand-Mére

Author: Andrew Harvie

A Walter Travis & C.H. Alison hidden in the shadows of remoteness and neglect, but nonetheless, an excellent golf course. Author Andrew Harvie looks into what makes Grand-Mére so good, and why you should visit.

The NYC Recap Part 4: Lower East Side and Baltusrol

Author: Zachary Car

Author Zachary Car’s most recent instalment into his New York City recap dives into Baltusrol’s Lower course, rock music, the Lower East Side, and more as he navigates golf’s greatest city.

Golf Architecture Resources For Beginners, Intermediates, And Experts

Author: Ben Malach

Ever wanted to pick up golf books, but not sure where to start? Author and architect Ben Malach dives into golf resources for beginners, intermediates, and nerds in his Beyond The Contour debut.

Considering C.B. Macdonald’s Scotland’s Gift In The Barstool/YouTube Age

Author: Zachary Car

Author Zachary Car explores an interesting juxtaposition between C.B. Macdonald’s Scotland’s Gift, who is often considered the Father of American Golf in the YouTube/Barstool age of golf.

Early Thoughts From A Too-Early Visit To Cabot Revelstoke

Author: Andrew Harvie

Cabot Revelstoke is well on its way to a world-class golf course from Whitman, Axland, Cutten, and author Andrew Harvie got a sneak peek in October 2022, featuring first-look images of the site.

A Little Ditty About Renovations, Restorations, And Lack Thereof In Canada

Author: Zachary Car

Author Zachary Car’s debut on Beyond The Contour started with a bang, exploring why restorations and renovations are less likely in Canada, and putting the crown on the course that perhaps could change it all.

Canada Has A Devereux Emmet, But It Hides Under This Southern Ontario Golf Course

Author: Andrew Harvie

A golf course pretending to be a Stanley Thompson, but it is actually a historically-important architect: author Andrew Harvie looks back at Canada’s lone Devereux Emmet at Beach Grove in Windsor, Ontario.

Thank you all for reading in 2022, and we look forward to continuing in 2023!

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  1. Congratulations on your first year. You came to my attention with the breaking news about Cabot’s plans for West Mabou Beach Provincial Park. I appreciate the fact that you have not censored out the many voices from the Mabou community & beyond that oppose this project.

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