How to Improve Each of Ottawa’s Best Golf Courses in One Sentence

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I’ve repeatedly divulged my less-than-grand opinion of my hometown’s golf scene on this site over the last year, along with my ranking of the city’s best courses. So, along such lines of thinking, I figured that I would offer some easy suggestions (easy, at least in my opinion, since I’m not the one footing the bill, or dealing with angry members’ reactions, etc) that would help each of, what I judge as, the 15 best golf courses in our nation’s capital. Of course, I could have opted for winding, page-long Proustian sentences for most of these selections; however, in most cases, I tried to focus on a single thing.

1. Chateau Montebello

Dynamite the unplayable abomination that is the current 9th green and use Thompson’s original green instead, below and to the right, which is still maintained. 

The current 9th at Chateau Montebello

2. Ottawa Hunt

Either raise the tee box or re-shape the fairway on 5 West, so as to make the tee shot a little less awkward by providing a clearer view of the landing area.  

5 West, with its hazard blind up the left

3. Rivermead

Gas up the Husqvarna and chop down the ridiculous tree short and to the right of the 5th green, an otherwise excellent hole.

Not the 5th, but the 4th beforehand

T-4. Camelot

Never, ever, ever, ever, water the golf course—let it bake!

Photo credit: Camelot Golf & Country Club

T-4. Royal Ottawa

Stare at pictures of Inverness, in Ohio, and learn to love its largely tree-less, golden-brown-turfed aesthetic. 

Inverness Club’s 4th (left) vs Royal Ottawa’s 9th (right)

6. The Marshes

Rekindle the desire, with which the course was founded, to bring a top-flight men’s professional event to Ottawa.

7. Rideau View

Keep pumping money into Ian Andrew’s bank account, then stay out of his way.

Photo credit: Rideau View Golf Club

8. Hawkesbury

Hire somebody to soften the 14th green so that it matches the rest of the set a little better. 

Photo credit: GolfPass

9. eQuinelle Golf Club

Find room in your budget to dig a few more centerline-bunkers like the one on the 2nd.

Photo credit: eQuinelle Golf Club

10. Rockland

Realize that the city is growing in your direction and is in dire need of good public options, then act accordingly. 

Photo credit: Pilon Group

11. Brockville

Treat your Stanley Thompson product with the care and attention that his works deserve. 

Photo credit: Brockville Country Club

12. Smiths Falls

Hire folks who like to run a chainsaw and some who are in need of firewood. 

Photo credit: Smiths Falls Golf Club

13. Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

Learn to embrace the benefits of short grass, especially around the greens. 

Photo credit: Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

14. Kanata

Don’t let them pave over your golf course?

Photo credit: GolfPass

15. Loch March

Bring your conditioning up to, or at least near, the level of the city’s private options. 

Photo credit: Women’s Golf Day


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  1. Great Courses. Had the privilege a few years ago, well many actually, of Following & Walking along & watching many of Canada’s outstanding Golfer’s. & it wasn’t the Guy’s either!!
    If Mike Weir is called Canada’s Greatest Golfer by a Sport’s Writer do think the Sport’s Writer is missing a few marbles.

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