Mike Nuzzo Adds “The 21” To Cabot Citrus Farms

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Architect Mike Nuzzo, alongside noted agronomist and irrigation specialist Don Mahaffey, have their eyes towards the future with The 21, a mixture of two routings on the sandy terrain of the old World Woods, acquired by Toronto-based Cabot in late 2021.

On a site that brings to mind the coastal dunes of Ireland or the rustic sand belt of Melbourne, Australia, Nuzzo & Mahaffey’s plan presents something entirely unique in the world of golf. Comprised of two loops of ten and eleven holes, respectively, the golfer is encouraged to choose their own way to enjoy: play both routings and create The 21, or enjoy them à la carte. On the ten hole loop, golfers will see a range of holes between 115 yards and 560 yards, with half-par concepts and risk-reward options lurking. The eleven hole loop’s objective is golf with a putter and a wedge, with holes ranging from 85 to 125 yards. On a Citrus Farms tour on January 23, architect Mike Nuzzo referenced the flexibility of the eleven hole loop, mentioning golfers could play a match with just a putter and a golf ball.

Mike Nuzzo’s résumé includes a helping hand in Tom Doak’s Memorial Park, the annual host of the PGA TOUR’s Houston Open, and Wolf Point Ranch, cleverly given the nickname of “The St. Andrews of Texas” for the acclaimed set of greens on Al Stanger’s vision for his private ranch in Port Lavaca, now owned by the Dormie Network. The combination of Don Mahaffey’s expertise in turf, mixed with Nuzzo’s ability to craft exciting green complexes and the sandy nature of Brooksville, Florida is sure to be a tasty, exciting addition to Cabot’s portfolio, which includes The Nest at Cabot Cape Breton and a short course at Cabot Highlands. The former will serve as inspiration for The 21, which will have lights to enjoy the golf course well into the beautiful Floridian night. The possibility of multiple combinations, unique match formats, and daring architecture, The 21 serves as either the perfect amuse bouche prior to a round on either Barrens or Oaks, or post-round. “The 21’s layout beckons golf aficionados who just can’t get enough of the rolling terrain in the Floridian countryside” said Cabot CEO Ben Cowan-Dewar on the project, who co-founded Cabot alongside Mike Keiser Sr. (of Bandon Dunes & Sand Valley fame).

Cabot Citrus Farms expected opening date is December 2023, but until then, get a sneak peek at the Cabot Barrens here.


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