New Dormie Network Course Set for Lincoln County, Nebraska

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As part of a social-wide marketing tease released on February 11, Dormie Club announced a new golf course coming for their members in Western Nebraska.

As it stands now, the property’s working title is “Kahinika,” although the exact whereabouts remain to be seen. The news about a potential expansion for the Dormie Network was first reported by Bethpage Black Metal on Twitter on January 12.

The property will become Dormie’s 8th golf course, though the seventh accessible to members. Wolf Point Ranch in Texas is not available to members (…yet?). As the title alludes to, this is the second property in their home state of Nebraska, following Arbor Links in Nebraska City.

An architect is yet to be named, though, we hope someone new and young gets their shot at a potentially big-name course.


  • Andrew Harvie

    Based in Toronto, but having lived in Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Arizona, and Texas, I have been lucky enough to see over 400 golf courses and counting!

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