Review: Talking Rock Resort @ Quaalot Lodge

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  • Chase, British Columbia
  • Public – Daily Fee
  • Graham Cooke/Wayne Carleton (2007)

If I told you that Les Furber routed the golf course, and Graham Cooke & Wayne Carleton designed it, would you want to play it? Likely, no. That’s not exactly a hard-hitting combo like Tom Doak routing a Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw golf course or Donald Ross routing a Tillinghast golf course. But it actually ends up working. Furber’s routing takes advantage of the dramatic British Columbia landscape, and Carleton/Cooke take advantage with their graceful touch. If it were the other way around, Furber would likely butcher it and make it goofy, while Carleton/Cooke likely would’ve been too mundane with the routing. But here we are, a fantastic golf course that somehow flies under the radar. Let me get this out of the way, Talking Rock is the real deal. It’s a great golf course that is deserving of top 100 in Canada.



  • Andrew Harvie

    Based in Toronto, but having lived in Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Arizona, and Texas, I have been lucky enough to see over 400 golf courses and counting!

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  1. Am a Guy from a Town on the Lake west of Toronto. Have had the good fortune of starting on Lakeview & playing Cowichan to Playing “The Abbey”. Some of Canada’s 100 & can only Dream About!! But always dreamt about playing Talking Rock, Sagebrush & Revelstoke. Will do those 3 soon while out on a “Day Pass”.!!

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