100. Point Grey

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Point Grey Golf & Country Club

  • Vancouver, British Columbia (9KM southwest from downtown)
  • 17th in the province
  • Duncan Sutherland, Riley Johns
  • 1924
  • 93.0262 points

Like nearby Marine Drive and Shaughnessy, Point Grey is set in the boujee neighbourhood of Point Grey on the shores of the Fraser River, but the interactions with the actual river are limited, coming only into the golfers view on the short par 4, 4th, and again briefly at the 7th tee/6th & 15th green.

Instead, the golf course primarily plays inland, where it deals with some of the more subdued terrain. The obvious highlights come when the routing takes the golfer back into the hillside where the clubhouse sits. The 11th and 18th play back into the hillside, while the 1st and 12th tumble down.

In recent years, Riley Johns, whose résumé includes working for Tom Doak and Bill Coore, renovated the 8th-10th to make way for a new driving range. This led to a more creative style of golf, and one in which we hope to see translate to the rest of the golf course.

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