101. Camelot

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Camelot Golf & Country Club

  • Cumberland, Ontario (25KM east from Ottawa)
  • 48th in the Province
  • Thomas McBroom
  • 1991
  • 93.108 points

Located on a bluff overlooking the Ottawa River, Camelot features an intriguing mix of parkland, faux-links, and, even, precipitous holes. Much like the land it traverses, though, the golf course is rather uneven, with the highs being extremely high and the lows being low. The best parts of the layout include the par 4, 2nd which requires the golfer to avoid the same diagonally running creek off the tee and on the approach, the short but treacherous par 4, 3rd, the downhill 9th with a clever kicker up the right and a deceptively hidden green, the plunging par 3, 11th featuring small green cut into the side of a steep hill, and the picturesque 12th overlooking the river and Gatineau hills beyond.

We continue to question the motivation of holes such as 8th, 14th, and the truly odd 16th, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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