104. Beverly

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Beverly Golf & Country Club

  • Copetown, Ontario (78KM southwest from Toronto)
  • 49th in the Province
  • Robbie Robinson, Doug Carrick
  • 1957
  • 97.1248 points

If there was one word to describe Beverly, its old school. Indeed, a golf course as pleasant as this must not be susceptible to being over-described, when in reality such joys are discovered upon ones maiden voyage.

One aspect of Robbie Robinson’s career we all take for granted was his ability to craft greens that provide interest. Beverly stands as one of his best designs, and given its high status, the green complexes are rollicking with a smile on the golfers face… or, perhaps a frown if one is above the hole.

Perhaps our favourite aspect of Beverly’s routing is how it uses the natural topography to slowly crescendo towards the end of the round, letting the golfer working their way into the golf course, yet ending on a high note.

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