106. Heron Point

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Heron Point Golf Links

  • Alberton, Ontario (87KM southwest from Toronto)
  • 50th in the province
  • Thomas McBroom
  • 1991
  • 97.6266 points

A popular choice for those discussing the best course under the ClubLink portfolio, Heron Point came early in Thomas McBroom’s career, which is both an asset and a downfall. The routing works itself around Dunmark Lake, where both nines come to a heroic conclusion over the lake to the base of the clubhouse.

Early McBroom’s style is apparent, with smaller bunkers and sharp ridges dividing the greens into tiers. The routing is quite strong though, starting in the meadows and ending in a forested and swampy stretch. Our personal favourite is 12-14 routed in a triangle.

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