110. Clear Lake

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Clear Lake Golf Course

  • Wasagaming, Manitoba (271KM northwest from Winnipeg)
  • 4th in the province
  • Vic Creed, Stanley Thompson
  • 1928
  • 98.6260 points

Routed through the hilly terrain of Riding Mountain National Park, Clear Lake is a great representation of our National Parks: adventurous, yet beautiful; peaceful, but something to see around every turn.

Perhaps those who yield difficulty as one of the main merits might not find Clear Lake as appealing as others on the list. After all, it is only nine yards over 6,300, and a rating of just under 70. Those who assume, well, we all know the saying.

The collection of short 4’s here are excellent, with the clever 1st tilting away from the golfer, the devilish 8th deceptively narrowing around the green, the revealing 9th, and homebound 18th all creating chances to make great scores. Beware: the brute 2nd, rumpled terrain, and the demanding par 5, 13th will keep everyone humbled, but not without a few birdies. Perhaps the lesson of a wonderful place like Clear Lake is match play reigns supreme, and scorecards be damned.

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