117. Gorge Vale

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Gorge Vale Golf Club

  • Victoria, British Columbia (4KM northwest from downtown)
  • 20th in the province
  • A.V. Macan, Les Furber
  • 1927
  • 103.0519 points

Somewhere in between the flatter golf courses down closer to the ocean and the hilly properties up the mountain, Gorge Vale is a strong routing from A.V. Macan, which takes full advantage of the land movement of the site.

Macan’s routing is a true shotmakers playground, where the small and undulating greens working around the hillsides make the golfer play a wide array of shots. Also sprinkled in, a plethera of half-par holes provide a unique pacing, and a round of golf made for betting at this player club.

Perhaps the most identifying feature of Gorge Vale comes on the 423 yard par 4, 12th, where the Veterans Cemetary (God’s Acre) National flanks the right side of the hole.

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