120. Lakeview

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Lakeview Golf Course

  • Mississauga, Ontario (20KM southwest from Toronto)
  • 56th in the province
  • Herbert Strong
  • 1922
  • 105.3936 points

Courtesy of Herbert Strong’s brilliance/madness, Lakeview provides one of the best daily-fee options for golfers looking to experience the Golden Age of Design. While Toronto Golf Club plays above and over its meandering stream across Dixie Road, Lakeview seems to get up close and personal, benefitting from the interactions on the 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th, and the closing three holes. In fact, Herbert Strong’s routing is so clever that readers might not even realize the golfer interacts with the stream early in the round.

The real star of the show, as typical with Herbert Strong’s golf courses, is the wickedly contoured greens. On ones maiden voyage, the three tiered 9th, or even the turtleback 5th may standout, but the 15th, which falls away from the golfer, or the 18th perched high above like a Knoll template are some of the recurring favourites. As one of our panelists mentioned: “Incredible greens.  In my opinion that is a major trump card which vaults this course ahead of those with just great views.”

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