48. Cataraqui

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Cataraqui Golf & Country Club

  • Kingston, Ontario (201KM southwest from Ottawa)
  • 25th in the province
  • Stanley Thompson, Doug Carrick
  • 1933
  • 48.6765 points

Located halfway between Toronto and Ottawa, this 1931 Stanley Thompson design has long flown under the radar, primarily because of its location. Yet there is nothing understated about the design, which features a set of par 3s that is as varied and strong as anything in the country.

Thompson’s brilliance shines particularly where the land is less intense, such as on brawny par 3, 3rd, with a downhill tee shot and a devilish green set against a rocky outcrop, on the uphill par 4, 7th, with a clever on-grade green, on the intriguing 10th featuring a sunken green, and on the sweeping par 4, 13th.

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