50. Eagles Nest

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Eagles Nest Golf Club

  • Maple, Ontario (40KM north from Toronto)
  • 26th in the province
  • Doug Carrick
  • 2004
  • 51.2389 points

Admittedly, Eagles Nest is a bit of an odd golf course. So much so that there are a few different styles of bunkering, large hummocks built from an old garbage dump, and a mix between some hilly parkland and faux-links. For this reason, Eagles Nest is a bit polarizing, not only among our panel but in public. Fitting that it splits our top 100 in half at 50th.

Even with different bunker styles scattered throughout, we would argue The mix between sod wall bunkers and massive blow out bunkers is tastefully done. When a bunker’s built into the faux-dunes or stadium mounds, it’s a blowout style bunker; anywhere else, and it’s a revetted pot bunker. An underrated part of Eagles Nest is the journal, which beautifully meanders through the various landscapes to produce one of Canada’s most interesting modern layouts.

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