64. Waskesiu

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Waskesiu Golf Course

  • Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan (232KM north from Saskatoon)
  • 2nd in the Province
  • J.K. Atkinson, Stanley Thompson
  • 1934
  • 67.0763 points

Golf in the British Isles feels as if they just laid a blanket of grass over the rumbled, sandy terrain and enjoyed playing over the natural contours. Sans the sandy base, Waskesiu provides the same excitement—a true rarity in Canada. In fact, it would be difficult to find a golf course that ties into its surroundings better than Waskeiu as it so elegantly dances in Prince Albert National Park.

Whether Stanley Thompson actually contributed to the design remains contested to this day, but if he did, a handful of holes would fit right in with some of his best holes. For example, the dramatic short par 4, 11th plays up and over a ridge before falling sharply downhill to a green cut on grade. For most, a wedge awaits, but the green’s severity insists that the ball must land short.

If one is not a fan of rumbuctious terrain, blind shots, fun, drama, and of course, good golf, they must avoid Waskesiu, but to our liking, it fits right at home on a Top 100 list.

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