67. Ridge at Manitou

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The Ridge at Manitou

  • McKellar, Ontario (268KM north from Toronto; 184KM south from Sudbury)
  • 35th in the Province
  • Thomas McBroom
  • 2005
  • 68.1871 points

Like No. 65 Rocky Crest, The Ridge at Manitou is much more reserved than earlier McBroom efforts, but a little more dramatic terrain posed a difficult routing question. As a result, the routing is much more a wandering soul working its way through the rocky, swampy terrain.

The par 5’s are something of an anomaly with five total, but rarely do golf courses have such a collection of three-shot holes. The 1st, playing through a rocky outcropping shoot and the par 5, 18th tumbling towards Manitouwabing Lake bookend the golf course brilliantly, while the 10th covers some of the more undulating terrain in 578 yards.

Of the collection of par 4’s, the drivable 2nd and long, rolling par 4, 8th seem to be the most common standouts amongst our contributors.

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