72. Pine Ridge

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Pine Ridge Golf Club

  • Springfield, Manitoba (24KM northeast from Winnipeg)
  • 2nd in the Province
  • Tom Bendelow & Donald Ross
  • 1912
  • 71.0380 points

Directly across the street from No. 76 Elmhurst and also having the privilege of calling Donald Ross the architect at large, Pine Ridge stands as the better of the two for our group of panelists.

If Elmhurst feels closer to some of Ross’ best parkland work, Pine Ridge draws similarities to the sand hills of North Carolina. Devilish false fronts and roll offs are a key component of the charm of the routing. The wickedness of Ross is beautifully demonstrated on the frighteningly titled green at the 1st; or the famous/infamous par 3, 9th, up to perhaps the most extreme upside bowl green in the country.

Whether the credit belongs to Ross’ renovation or Tom Bendelow’s original golf course is a mystery, but back-to-back par 3’s at the halfway mark, the Biarritz green on the 15th, or the handful of greens running away from the line of play are among the most unique features to be found in northeast Winnipeg.

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