74. Georgian Bay

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Georgian Bay Club

  • Clarksburg, Ontario (171KM northwest from Toronto)
  • 39th in the Province
  • Jason Straka for Hurdzan/Fry Design
  • 2003
  • 72.8865 points

As the name suggests, Georgian Bay Club sits in close proximity to Georgian Bay, overlooking the gorgeous body of water. The setting is obvious from the get-go, with Lake Huron acting as a backdrop on the par 3, 3rd, but the scale of the golf course is the biggest takeaway for most.

The combination of large green complexes and inviting fairways provides a sense of comfort, yet the immediate juxtaposition of the massive, flashed faces and sharp shaping take some peace of mind away. Oftentimes, most of the excess width comes on the outside corner of the doglegs, rarely being the preferred route to the green, yet still allowing golfers to lose fewer balls than normal.

The architecture community often gets wrapped up in the household names building big golf courses with width, yet Georgian Bay is a nice reminder that other firms do it well, providing a different outlook on the same archetypes we are used to.

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