83. Dakota Dunes

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Dakota Dunes Golf Links

  • Whitecap, Saskatchewan (31KM south from Saskatoon)
  • 3rd in the Province
  • Graham Cooke & Wayne Carleton
  • 2004
  • 81.9531 points

In a country dominated by the Canadian Shield and the Boreal Forest, sandy soils ideal for golf are difficult to come across. Thanks to a surplus in Saskatchewan, Dakota Dunes has the privilege of grounds ideal for golf, and as such, the golf ended up being of quality.

Astutely, our panelists were fond of the strong set of par 4’s: the tumbling long par 4, 4th through the pseudo dunescape; the blind 5th; the maze of bunkers at the 8th; the demanding 12th; and the gambling, drive and pitch 13th are all incredibly diverse.

Interestingly, the course ends on a 3-5-3-5 finish, highlighted by the signature drop shot 15th and a massive blowout bunker behind the 18th green.

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