84. Marine Drive

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Marine Drive Golf Club

  • Vancouver, British Columbia (8KM southwest from downtown)
  • 13th in the Province
  • A.V. Macan, Jim Urbina
  • 1922
  • 82.1775 points

In an ideal world, an architect has ample room to choose the best piece of ground to lay a routing on top of, but at Marine Drive, A.V. Macan only had 92 acres sandwiched between the hillside above the clubhouse, and the Fraser River. And yet, Marine Drive is a perfect example of ideal not always being more fascinating, at least when dissecting an architect’s strengths.

In truth, Marine Drive is a testament to Macan’s ability to fit golf in on a small site. Aside from the small acreage suitable to build on, the routing itself has some distinct features to stand out: four of the five the par 3’s play into the corners of the property (the 16th does not), and the finishing six holes dance down and out of the hillside, cultivating with the downhill dogleg left tee shot with the clubhouse looming in the background.

The surrounds, fall offs, and rolls of the greens at Marine Drive only add a cherry of one of Canada’s great golf courses.

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