90. Redwood Meadows

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Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club

  • Redwood Meadows, Alberta (41KM west from Calgary)
  • 12th in the Province
  • Stan Leonard & Phillip Tattersfield
  • 1976
  • 84.8720 points

Owned and operated by Tsuu T’ina Nation, Redwood Meadows is hewn through the pines and foothills of southern Alberta. The golf course is most noted for the consistency of the golf without any major offences or quirks, while the personality of the routing comes from the contrast between the forested hills on the front nine and the interaction with Bragg Creek on the back nine. In particular, the golf course concludes with a brutish pair of holes to make for an unforgettable finish, starting at the 614 yard par 5, 17th—a three shot hole for all but the longest of hitters.  The finishing long two shotter, maxing out at 14 yards under 500, with bunkers on the left guard the best angle to the green, it is a classic finish that leaves a good, yet stern taste in one’s mouth.

Our ballots were submitted before we could lay eyes on Gary Browning’s work, but we hope the renovation has only added some shine to this unassuming golf course.

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