92. Derrick

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Derrick Golf & Winter Club

  • Edmonton, Alberta (11KM southwest from downtown)
  • 13th in the Province
  • Jeff Mingay
  • 2015
  • 86.5147 points

In recent years, many of the private clubs without much historical pedigree began to struggle. Golf architecture had become stale and as a result, less interest in playing. Such is the case at Derrick, or that was until Jeff Mingay and George Waters came in and completely turned the property on its head.

Gone are the days when interesting golf is a fleeting thought at Derrick. In fact, it is scattered throughout the entire property. The 4th, a tricky drivable par 4 shows Mingay’s mind is busting with brilliant ideas. Ditto for the 6th, with its almost Dell style green sunken into the surroundings. In complete contrast, the 11th features a centralized nipple near the green that deflects shots away from the middle of the green.

Such action undertaken as Mingay’s complete overhaul of a property to bring exciting golf back to a club should be celebrated, as evident by its debut placement on any top 100 list in Canada.

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